Saint-Genès and the Arbalet project at the 2019 Junior Robot Cup (En)

Initially our project was to set up an audio-visual animation. Our teacher introduced us the Arbalet Project which offers a wide range of technics. We decided to use the pixel wall, that gives us the chance to express ourselves through 300 RGB leds. We started by programming different flags, and ended with games such as Pong or Space Invader. Thanks to our teacher, we added music in the form of midi blocs. This allowed us to associate anthems to their flags. Eventually, we truly achieved our work by participating to activities led at the 2019 Junior Robot Cup, that occured at the Bordeaux Exposition Fair. Over these two days, we introduced people of different ages to the programs linked to the pixel wall.
Thank you to the Arbalet Project, Yoan, and our teacher, Mr RIVET, for this golden opportunity !!!